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Yoes C. Kenawas

Program Area(s):  Comparative Politics; International Relations

Regional Specialization(s):  Asia

Subfield Specialties:  Asian Politics

Dissertation Title:

Dynasty Inc.: The Emergence and Endurance of Political Dynasties in Indonesia

Dissertation Committee:  Jeffrey A. Winters; Edward L. Gibson, and Rachel B. Riedl

Research Interest(s): Democratization; Elite Theory; Dynastic Politics; Decentralization; Subnational Politics; Southeast Asia; Indonesia.


Conference Presentations:

  • "Performative Acts in Indonesia's Electoral Democracy," Indonesian Journal of Anthropology Symposium, July 2019
  • "The Variation of Dynastic Success in Indonesia," Association for Asian Studies, March 2019
  • "Clientelism at the Subnational Level: Paving the way for the Emergence of Political Dynasties in Indonesia," European Association of Southeast Asian Studies, August 2015
  • 2019 Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, March 2019, "Dynastic Inc.: Towards an Organizational Theory of Dynastic Politics"
  • 2019 Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference in Asia, April 2019, "Performative Acts in Indonesia’s Electoral Democracy"
  • The 7th International Symposium of Jurnal Antropologi Indonesia, July 2019, "Methodological Reflection: Observing Democracy Through Direct Participant Observation."