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Information for Visiting Students

Visiting Graduate Students

Every year, the Department of Political Science hosts a handful of visiting graduate students who are non-degree students.  We invite two types of visiting doctoral students every year.

  1. TGS has reciprocal exchange programs with:
    • Institute d’Etudes Politiques:;
    • Ecole des Hautes Etudes;
    • The Graduate of International and Development Studies in Geneva; and
    • iCourts, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law
  2. Visitors may also be invited by Department of Political Science Faculty Members on an ad hoc basis.

Applying to Visit Northwestern 

Visiting graduate students normally apply by April 1 of the year preceding the visit. Visitors should notify Courtney Syskowski Courtney Syskowski of their intent to apply, and she will provide instruction for how to submit the application through the CollegeNet system. 

Applications must include:

  1. Cover letter stating the student’s research interests, the intended dates of a visit, and an explanation of how a visit to the Department of Political Science would be beneficial to them.
  2. CV
  3. Letter of endorsement from a faculty member in the department, who will serve as a contact person during the visit.

Students will be notified around May 1. We will work with visitors to secure the necessary visas. Visitors must enroll in The Graduate School’s Visiting Scholar Health Plan.

Expectations and Opportunities for Visiting Graduate Students

Participation in Department Events: The Department expects that visiting doctoral students be active members of the department's, and especially their subfield's, community. This includes attending talks relevant to their research. Visiting doctoral students should also check in with their faculty member host at least once a quarter.

Mailing Lists: Visiting doctoral students will be added to the relevant mailing lists at the beginning of the year or quarter of their visit. To be added, they should e-mail Visiting doctoral students are also welcome at all departmental events, especially beginning and end of quarter receptions. 

Coursework: For-credit course enrollment is governed by exchange agreements. The Department also welcomes students to audit graduate courses, on a space available bases. To audit a course, students should seek permission from the faculty member teaching the course at least a week before the first day of classes. Faculty are able to enroll students with a WildCard into the CANVAS system where readings are shared. Auditors are expected to read the assignments, to attend all class sessions and to fully participate in seminar discussions. Auditors might be required by the faculty member to complete short weekly assignments, but they do not submit final assignments.

End of Visit Report: Towards the end of their visit, visiting students should submit a 300-500 word memo to the Director of Graduate Studies, summarizing how the visit went, and how they benefited from their visit.

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