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2018 Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation

The Department of Political Science hosted the first annual Undergraduate Research Poster Session on Friday, May 18 to showcase highlighted research from students’ honors theses, collaborative Farrell Fellow projects with faculty, and a joint student research project from a POLI_SCI 395 seminar. Over 50 attendees came to see the student research, including incoming honors thesis students and Weinberg College Dean Adrian Randolph.  More information about the range of opportunities for students to participate in research is available on our website.

eyck and smith-helman photo

Bailey Smith-Helman, Andy Ten Eyck, and Dr. Kimberly M. Suiseeya (Farrell Fellowship collaboration)

"The Politics and Practices of Indigenous Representation in Global Environmental Governance"


hoeflich poster photo

 Jacob Hoeflich and Dr. Kimberly M. Suiseeya (Honors Program advisor)

 "The Impact of Fracking on Local Politics"


mohn poster picture

 Henry Mohn and Dr. Martha Wilfahrt (Farrell Fellowship collaboration) 

 "Mapping Pre-colonial Sates and Cultures in Sub-Sharian African"


ps 395 class poster picture

 Moriah Lavey, Dorothy Hogg, Luke Kleekamp, and Dr. Kimberly M. Suiseeya (PS 395/EPC 390 Environmental Justice class collaboration)

  "Tools for Representation: How Indigenous Peoples Leverage Maps, Technology, and Built Spaces in Global Environmental Governance"


schecter poster picture

 Sarah Schecter (Honors Program advisor: Dr. Laura Beth Nielsen)

 "Sexual Assaults on College Campuses: Practices that Can Fix the Problem of Underreporting"


schmelzer poster picture

 Lauryn Solana Schmelzer (Honors Program advisor: Dr. Ana Arjona)

 "Strategy, Context, and Concessions: Passing Feminist Law in Colombia"


weinberg and yong poster picture

 Ben Weinberg and Dr. Laurel Harbridge-Yong (Honors Program advisor)

 "Ballot Challenge: Explaining Voting Rights Restrictions in 21st-Century America"