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Dorothy Hogg '19 presents "Constructing Inclusive and Responsive Global Governance" at the 2018 Sustainability and Development Conference

Undergraduate Research Assistant Dorothy Hogg (WCAS '19) presented a poster at the Sustainability and Development Conference held at the University of Michigan, November 9-11, 2018. She was among a select group of undergraduate students to attend this global conference.

Almost 600 participants came together, with a majority representing organizations and universities from the "Global South," to share research and discuss pathways forward for sustainability and development. The paper, titled "Constructing Inclusive and Responsive Global Governance: Examining the Role of Technology, Maps, and the Built Environment," examines the ways in which Indigenous Peoples create spaces for political representation at sites of global environmental governance.

This work is the result of a collaborative research initiative under our Presence to Influence research project (, led by Kimberly Suiseeya and Laura Zanotti (Purdue University). 

More information on the conference is available at

This particular paper emerged out of a Political Science 395 Research Seminar, Dorothy and eight other undergraduate students employed visual analysis to collaboratively research and analyze thousands of images collected by the P2I team at the Paris Climate Summit and World Conservation Congress.