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Elizabeth Shakman Hurd | Freedom, Salvation, Redemption

June 1, 2021 – from Berghahn Journals
The politics of religious asylum is ripe for reassessment. Even as a robust literature on secularism and religion has shown otherwise over the past two decades, much of the discussion in this field presumes that religion stands cleanly apart from law and politics. This article makes the case for a different approach to religion in the context of asylum-seeking and claiming. In the United States, it suggests, the politics of asylum is integral to the maintenance of American exceptionalism. Participants in the asylum-seeking process create a gap between Americans and others, affirming the promise of freedom, salvation, and redemption through conversion not to a particular religion or faith but to the American project itself. This hails a particular kind of subject of freed om and unencumbered choice. It is both a theological and a political process.

Karen J. Alter | From Colonial to Multilateral International Law: A Global Capitalism and Law Investigation

May 17, 2021 – from SSRN
This Forward integrates international law, international relations, and global history scholarship to understand two global trends that are in tension with each other: 1) the shift from European colonial dominance to a law-based multilateralism, which enabled a more equal and inclusive international law and 2) global capitalism which across time has been a political and economic force that, left to its own devices, promotes exclusion and inequality. Alter builds an encompassing conception of global economic law to show the interplay of colonial law, private law, domestic law and international law in enabling and constraining global capitalism across time.

Julieta Suárez-Cao | Chileans Vote Against Traditional Politicians and Demand Substantial Reforms

May 17, 2021 – from MercoPress
Contrary to what the polls predicted and with a proportional counting system that favours major political parties over smaller ones, the independents achieved an unprecedented result and will be the leading force at the convention. The independent candidates include feminists, environmentalists and other reform-prone groups. ”The independents obtained a great result but the biggest surprise is the absolute collapse of the right-wing that, despite going on a unified list, they did not achieve their goals,” analyst Julieta Suárez-Cao was quoted as saying by the Spanish news agency EFE.

Julieta Suarez-Cao | Chile's Women Shine in Constitution Vote as More Men Need Leg-up to Stay Even

May 17, 2021 – from Reuters
The requirement for gender parity forced political groups to look for competitive female candidates, Julieta Suarez-Cao, an academic at the Catholic University's Political Science Institute, told the Diario Financiero newspaper. "This shows Chile is not a macho country, that if you find the competitive and good candidates - and there are many - people will vote for them," she said.

Laurel Harbridge-Yong & Stephen Nelson | Provost Faculty Grant for Research in Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts

May 15, 2021 – from Northwestern Office of the Provost
Laurel Harbridge-Yong, Associate Professor, Political Science, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences – “The Polarizing Effects of Primaries” Stephen Nelson, Associate Professor, Political Science, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences – “Best Laid Plans: The Political History of Economic Development Plans, 1950-2000”

Bailey R. Fairbanks, Fabian G. Neuner, Isabel M. Perera & Christine M. Slaughter | Pay to Play? How Reducing APSA Division Fees Increases Graduate Student Participation

May 14, 2021 – from Cambridge University Press
In 2017, the American Political Science Association (APSA) Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Profession launched an initiative to lower the cost of Division (i.e., organized section) membership for students to promote graduate students’ professional development and to advance Division interests. This article assesses the effect of this intervention on Division membership. Using APSA membership data, we find that almost two thirds of Divisions that charged fees in 2017 reduced or eliminated student fees between 2017 and 2019, nearly halving the average student dues (i.e., from $11.57 in 2017 to $5.84 in 2019).

Samir Mayekar | Samir Mayekar Will Offer the 2021 Convocation Address to Weinberg College Graduates

May 12, 2021 – from Northwestern Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
Mayekar’s path is one he never anticipated as a political science major at Weinberg College, but one that emerged as he learned about himself and the world. After graduating from Northwestern in 2006, Mayekar took a consulting job at Marakon Associates. Two years later, he left that role to join Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. “President Obama’s platform was something I believed in,” says Mayekar, who as budget manager helped raise nearly $900 million for Obama’s first presidential bid. The part he relished most was working with a cohesive, enthusiastic team that lived by the motto “Respect, Empower and Include.”

Ernesto Calvo | Kenneth Janda vs. the midterm elections

May 10, 2021 – from Elestadista
In September 1994, my first PhD semester in the United States, I had the pleasure of taking classes with Kenneth Janda, Professor of Comparative Politics known for his work on the structure and organization of Political Parties. The seminar took place the semester in which Bill Clinton's first midterm elections were held, haunted by a bad economy and furiously resisted by the Democratic base.

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd | Several female Northwestern faculty members plan to protest promotion of athletics department employee

May 6, 2021 – from Fox 32 Chicago
Several female Northwestern faculty members are planning to protest the promotion of an athletics department employee tied to controversy. Mike Polisky is taking over as Athletic Director. He's a defendant in an ongoing lawsuit filed by a cheerleader who says Polisky ignored her complaints of being harassed and exploited at school-sanctioned events.
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