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Isabella Alcaniz | Closing the climate inequality gap

April 10, 2021 – from ScienceDirect
Climate inequality also shapes the limits of climate resilience (Sovacool 2018.). Scholars and activists in the field of environmental justice have been making this case for a long time (Konisky 2009; Mohai et al. 2009; Harrison 2014; Agyeman et al. 2016). The articles in this virtual special issue (VSI), a curated collection of case-studies and data-driven research that span the Global South and the Industrial North, make significant contributions to the study of climate change and environmental justice.

Alvin Bernard Tillery | Illinois town starts spending to address the racial divide

April 5, 2021 – from Financial Times
Focusing on housing, an area where the city can point to a clear history of racial discrimination, will make the programme more likely to survive the inevitable constitutional challenges, says Alvin Tillery, director of the Center for the Study of Diversity and Democracy at Northwestern University, also in Evanston. “Given the conservative jurisprudence around racial equity in America, governments are really constrained in terms of what they can do. Programmes have to be ‘narrowly tailored’ to meet the specific harm and in this case that harm is redlining,” he told the Financial Times in an interview.

Yunkyo Kim | Professors discuss Black and White feminism at anti-racism speaker series

March 31, 2021 – from The Daily Northwestern
Purdue University Prof. Nadia Brown and Tulane University Prof. Mirya Holman presented theories of Black and White feminism within anti-racist movements in a Wednesday discussion. The event, hosted by the Center for the Study of Diversity and Democracy, was a part of the center’s Anti-Racism in Thought and Action Speaker and Discussion Series.

James N. Druckman | A New Era of Experimental Political Science

March 31, 2021 – from Cambridge University Press
Experimental political science has transformed in the last decade. The use of experiments has dramatically increased throughout the discipline, and technological and sociological changes have altered how political scientists use experiments. We chart the transformation of experiments and discuss new challenges that experimentalists face. We then outline how the contributions to this volume will help scholars and practitioners conduct high-quality experiments.

Julieta Suárez-Cao | Efectos de la postergación de las elecciones de abril: Julieta Suárez Cao analiza escenario en Mirada Política

March 30, 2021 – from Emol
El domingo, el Presidente de la República, Sebastián Piñera, anunció que presentará un proyecto para postergar las elecciones del 10 y 11 de abril por el escenario sanitario en el que se encuentra el país: "Consideramos que llevar a cabo la elección en este contexto puede agravar la situación, no solo por el acto eleccionario, sino que principalmente por las actividades anexas a la votación".

James Druckman | Vaccination Rates for Healthcare Workers Have Doubled

March 26, 2021 – from Northwestern Institute for Policy Research
"Since January, more U.S. healthcare workers have said they are ready to get vaccinated, with rates of vaccine hesitancy dropping from 37% to 29%, according to a new survey from a research consortium that includes Northwestern University. The same survey finds a similar drop in the hesitancy rate for workers outside of healthcare, falling from 41% to 31%. "Early on a lot of people expressed outright hesitancy, but they seem to be moving as more and more people get vaccinated without major incidence," said IPR political scientist James Druckman, who co-leads the ongoing, national survey of more than 25,000 Americans. The researchers from Northwestern, Harvard, Northeastern, and Rutgers are investigating changes in attitudes about the vaccine and vaccination rates among healthcare workers from previous data collected in February. The survey also shows the rate of vaccination has double

Julie Lee Merseth | Meghan McCain tried to weigh in on identity politics and fumbled. There's a right way to do it.

March 25, 2021 – from USA Today
"I believe that what makes America exceptional is the fact that we're a meritocracy that you can be anything — that you can come from anywhere and go and have success in any capacity. And I think the question Democrats have to reconcile with right now is whether or not, race and gender are more important than qualification," McCain said on Wednesday's show, reacting to Duckworth saying she would not support any more of President Joe Biden's non-diverse nominees until he appoints more Asian Americans to his Cabinet.

Matthew Lacombe | What Boulder shooting means for the future of the NRA

March 24, 2021 – from USA Today
"With mass shootings back in the news following a massacre in Boulder, Colorado — less than a week after a series of armed attacks on spas in the Atlanta area — an open question is whether the National Rifle Association is still a politically powerful organization."
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