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Award Winning Theses

The following theses are recent examples of outstanding work:


Janda PRIZE for DISTINGUISHED Honors Thesis REcipients

The Kenneth F. Janda Prize for Distinguished Honors Thesis in Political Science is awarded annually for the best undergraduate Honors thesis of the year.

Student name Year
Kelly Miller 2022
Andrew Myers (Honorable Mention) 2022
Julian Freiberg 2021
Akash Palani 2021
Thomas Abers Lourenço (Honorable Mention)  2021
Hayden Richardson (Honorable Mention)  2021
Natalie Sands 2020
Jonathan Goldberg (Honorable Mention)  2020
Avery Goods 2019
Joshua Varcie (Honorable Mention)  2019
Benjamin Weinberg 2018
Logan Peretz (Honorable Mention) 2018
Aaron Gordon 2017
Hayley Hopkins 2017
Matthew Gates (Honorable Mention) 2017
Elena Frances Barham 2016
Remy Smith 2016
Laura Rozier 2015
Alexander Fredendall (Honorable Mention) 2015
Kaitlyn Chriswell 2014
Katie Singh 2013
Niabi Schmaltz 2013
Alex Samuel Grubman 2012
Lilly Yang Liu 2012
Jordan Fein 2011
Dylan Lewis (Honorable Mention) 2011
Harold Wiliford 2010
Caitlyn Carpenter (Honorable Mention) 2010
Kelly Bronk 2009
David Felton (Honorable Mention) 2009
Kristi St. Charles 2008
Alexander Hertel-Fernandez (Honorable Mention) 2008
Derek Linkous (Honorable Mention) 2008
Emily Luken 2007
Samir S. Mayekar 2006
Jeffrey W. Paller 2006
Sarah S. Bush 2005
Meeggan I. Maczek (Honorable Mention) 2005
Jennie A. Taylor 2004
Miriam Lieberman (Honorable Mention) 2004
Julie Skaff 2003
Nicole Sadler (Honorable Mention) 2003
John J. Luyat 2002
Molly Newcomb (Honorable Mention) 2002
Brett Theodos (Honorable Mention) 2002