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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Take advantage of several exciting research opportunities, ranging from collaboration with faculty to engaging in  your own research.

Farrell Fellowship
In our competitive research mentorship program, Political Science majors work alongside professors on faculty-generated research projects. As paid research assistants, Farrell Fellow receive in-depth research training and learn the process of conducting academic research from faculty mentors.

Ginsberg Undergraduate Research Grants
Have an idea of your own for a research project? Ginsberg Grants support student-initiated projects conducted in the collaboration with a Political Science faculty member.

Honors Thesis
Did a class or experience inspire you to think more deeply about a topic? Paired with a faculty advisor, conduct your own research and write an honors thesis in the political science honors program.

Political Science students are encouraged to explore the opportunities and resources offered by the Northwestern Office of Undergraduate Research. The Office of Undergraduate Research awards grants to students pursuing their own research and manages the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program (URAP) for students to gain research experience through working with faculty.


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