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iCourts PhD in Law

In 2014 the Department of Political Science and iCourts launched a dual degree program that allows Northwestern doctoral students to qualify for a Doctorate in Law from iCourts at the University of Copenhagen Faculty of law. 

Dual degrees require students to have doctoral advisors and to complete the mandated requirements of both institutions. Northwestern students generally apply to the iCourts dual degree program after completing their coursework and qualifying exams, thus in their 3rd year of doctoral studies.  Successful applicants qualify for iCourts doctoral funding that can be used for research and dissertation writing.


Admission to the University of Copenhagen Law Faculty’s PhD program requires a Masters degree (or equivalent) and approval of a doctoral project, which includes an individual plan indicating how the student will meet the requirements for iCourts’ 3-year doctoral program. Northwestern students may apply at any time, but before beginning the dual degree program students must have a Master degree and have completed qualifying exams for the Northwestern PhD. Northwestern-based applicants need a letter of support for their proposal written by a Northwestern-based dissertation advisor.

Requirements for the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law PhD