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Research Participation Requirement

Students enrolled in various political science courses (primarily 100- to 300-level courses in American Politics, Comparative Politics, or Political Methodology) are required to complete a research assignment that can include up to 4 hours of research study participation. These studies require that students set up an appointment to complete participation at a laboratory on campus (or via an on-line survey). Students will learn how studies are conducted and will receive a synopsis at the conclusion of the quarter describing the study's goal, result, and relevance to the class. Students who prefer not to participate in the research may opt for an alternative that entails reading any one chapter about political science research and writing a five page reaction paper. The typical chapter is about 20 pages and thus reading it and writing a five page paper should take approximately four hours.

Near the start of the quarter, students will receive an e-mail asking them whether they prefer study participation or the alternative assignment. The e-mail will also include details on how to complete either requirement. Failure to complete the requirement during the quarter will result in an incomplete. Failure to complete the requirement during the following quarter will result in a failing grade for the class. Note that if a student is enrolled in multiple classes that require participation, he or she only needs to satisfy the requirement one time. Also, if a student already completed the requirement in another course in a previous quarter, they are excused from the requirement.

Alternative Activity Details

Rather than participate in research studies, students may opt to complete an alternative activity that exposes them to research methods in Political Science. This involves choosing one chapter (from Ch. 2 to Ch. 35) out of the forthcoming volume, the Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Political Science. Students are asked to read the chapter and write a 5-page response paper (double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, 1" margins) that briefly summarizes the chapter and analyzes its key arguments and contributions.

If you have any questions please contact the Research Pool Coordinator.