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Career Paths

Political science provides a broad liberal arts education while focusing on politics and public life. The department prides itself on its inter-discipline nature and many Political Science students double major in a variety of fields. Recruiters and advisors value the diverse and broadly applicable skill set developed as a part of a political science education, including organization, analysis and communication.   We highlight a few key alumni to further demonstrate the diversity of career paths available.  Regardless of their professional interests, a background in political science prepares students for career success and a well-rounded life after graduation.

97% of Political Science graduates are employed or in advanced studied programs within 1 year. Some of the most popular professional paths with career examples are: 

All Northwestern students interesting in learning how to be good student-citizens while developing widely applicable career and leadership skills should consider studying in the Political Science Department. 

Data from NCA surveys 2015 - 2019


Northwestern has numerous resources available to help students find career and internship opportunities.  Students can network with alumni and make professional connections through Alumni Panels and Career Treks. Students can find alumni in a variety of fields to whom they can reach out for career advice or questions through the Northwestern Alumni Association.

Looking for a job or internship? Or just interested in knowing what’s out there?  Northwestern Handshake allows for personalized searches for internships, job postings and other opportunities.


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