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John Bullock

Associate Professor


Research Interest(s): partisan bias in political thinking; political knowledge; education; causal mechanisms

Program Area(s): Methods; Experimental Methods; American Politics

Regional Specialization(s): United States

Subfield Specialties: Experimental Methods


Bullock studies the effects of partisanship on people's political views. Three questions motivate his work in this area: how can people make sensible political choices when they know so little about politics? When will partisanship dominate people's thinking about political choices? And to what extent does partisan polarization create or reflect bias in political thinking? With these questions in mind, Bullock's research speaks to concerns about "fake news," partisan response patterns in surveys, and the effects of position-taking by party leaders on the views of ordinary citizens.

Bullock's scholarly articles have appeared in many venues, including the American Political Science Review and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Bullock earned his doctorate in political science from Stanford. He was an assistant professor at Yale and the University of Texas at Austin before joining Northwestern as an associate professor in 2017.