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Ginsberg Research Grant

Ted and Cora Ginsberg Undergraduate Research Grant

The Ted and Cora Ginsberg Undergraduate Research Grant supports undergraduate political science research conducted in collaboration with a faculty member. The project must be student initiated, and conducted with the mentorship of a political science faculty member. The research can occur during the summer or during the academic year and need not be conducted for credit.

Interested students should approach a faculty member to discuss a potential project. Grant funds can be applied toward students’ expenses related to undertaking the collaborative research such as: transportation costs to research venues; software required for conducting research; compensation for research participants; or books and research materials. Grants are awarded to undergraduate students only.

Students are encouraged to first pursue funding through Undergraduate Research Grants from the Office of Undergraduate Research.

undergraduate travel

In order to receive funding for international travel through a Ginsberg Research Grant, students must register their trip in the University's International Travel Registry prior to departure and submit the receipt to the Political Science Department. Visit the University’s undergraduate international travel page for more information on international travel policies for undergraduate students.

How to apply for a Ginsberg Undergraduate Research Grant

Submit an online application. If you are not in the Honors Program, you must also attach the following to the application:

Applications for the Ginsberg Research Grant for summer and academic-year research are accepted on a rolling basis. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your application to be reviewed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Political Science at