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Ulaş Erdoğdu

Program Area(s):  Methods; Comparative Politics; International Relations

Regional Specialization(s):  Middle East

Research Interest(s): Political Violence, Contentious Politics, Civil War, Terrorism, Repression, Ethnic Politics And Self-Determination Movements, Political Regimes, Multi-Method Research Design, Data-Reliability In Violent And Authoritarian Contexts, Conflict And Protest Event Analysis.


  • 2021. Countries have more than 100 laws on the books to combat misinformation. How well do they work?, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 77:3, 124-128 (DOI) (with Kamya Yadav, Samikshya Siwakoti, Jacob N Shapiro, Alicia Wanless)
  • 2021. How COVID drove the evolution of fact-checking. Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) Misinformation Review. (DOI) (with Samikshya Siwakoti, Kamya Yadav, Nicola Bariletto, Luca Zanotti, Jacob N Shapiro) 
  • 2020. Here’s how Russia’s RT spread propaganda in the lead-up to the election, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (online) (with Ben Dubow, Evanna Hu, Jacob N. Shapiro and Kamya Yadav)
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