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Andrew Saab

Program Area(s):  Methods; Comparative Politics

Dissertation Title:

Essays on Political Economy, Information, and Behavior

Dissertation Committee:  Jordan Gans-Morse; Jason Seawright; Brian Libgober

Research Interest(s): Political Economy; Comparative Politics; Information Economics; Computational Social Science; Game Theory

Conference Presentations:

  • "Bottom-Up Election Information Spillovers", American Political Science Association, 2023
  • "Bottom-Up Election Information Spillovers", Midwest Political Science Association, 2023
  • "Strategic Resignation and Post-Political Career Incentives", American Political Science Association, 2022
  • "Conflict Migration and Blood Diamond Policy Shocks", Midwest Political Science Association, 2022

Honors and Awards:

  • Global Impacts Fellowship, Buffett Institute for Global Affairs, 2023-2024
  • NSF Grant, EITM Summer Institute, 2023