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Ana Luiza Vedovato

Program Area(s):  International Relations; Comparative Politics; Methods

Regional Specialization(s):  Latin America

Research Interest(s): State Formation, State Capacity, Historical Sociology, Regional Orders & Hierarchies, International Systems, and Comparative-Historical Methods.

Conference Presentation(s):

  • “Building Order from Chaos: war and regional order in Latin America”, Latin American Studies Association Conference, May 2021
  • “The effects of war on the formation of the Latin American regional order”, International Studies Association 62th Annual Convention, April 2021
  • “Regional Order in South America: changes and systemic causes (1810-2010)” Latin American Studies Association Conference, May 2019
  • “New Regionalism and it’s structural meanings” International Studies Association 60th Annual Convention, March 2019


Honors and Awards:

  • Mellon Cluster Fellowship in Comparative and Historical Social Sciences (CHSS)