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Jaime Dominguez

Associate Professor of Instruction

B.S.: University of California, San Diego, 1991; Ph.D.: University of Illinois-Chicago, 2007
Curriculum Vitae


Research Interest(s): Race and Ethnicity; Immigration; Urban Politics; Latino Politics; Chicago Politics

Program Area(s): American Politics

Regional Specialization(s): United States

Subfield Specialties: Race, Ethnicity and Politics


Jaime Dominguez is the principal architect of the Chicago Democracy Project (CDP), a thirty-year (1975-2005) online political database that measures policy outcomes for the City of Chicago. As a fellow at the UC Berkeley Building Resilient Regions Immigration Consortium, he examines contemporary immigrant integration initiatives from comparative frameworks. Professor Dominguez is also a frequent commentator for local and major news outlets including NPR, PBS, and the Huffington Post. He is affiliated with the American Politics Workshop and the Latino/a Studies Program at NU. He also directs the WCAS Posner Undergraduate Research Program. 

Select Publications

  • Illinois Latinos and the 2004 Elections: The Waiting Game Continues," in de la Garza, Leal and DeSipio's Beyond the Barrio: Latinos and the 2004 Elections (University of Notre Dame Press, 2008). 
  • “Divergent Strategies: Immigrant Politics in the Chicago Metro Area” in Mollenkopf and Pastor’s Struggling Over Strangers or Receiving Them Resiliently? The Metropolitics of Immigrant Incorporation (Cornell University Press, 2015).

Courses taught

  • PSC 390 Redefining the Urban Paradigm
  • PSC 395 Latino Politics in the U.S.