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Annual 2023-2024 Class Schedule

Please Note:
Additional courses for the 2023-24 academic year will be announced soon!
Course Course Title Fall Winter Spring
POLI_SCI 101-6 First-Year Seminar: Machiavelli: Do the Ends Justify the Means? Ricardo Court
POLI_SCI 101-6 First-Year Seminar: Are you a Gadget? Sara Monoson
POLI_SCI 101-6 First-Year Seminar: The American Way of War William Reno
POLI_SCI 101-6 First-Year Seminar: Free Speech and Protest on College Campuses Jeff Rice
POLI_SCI 101-6 The Press & The Political Process Lawrence Stuelpnagel
POLI_SCI 101-6 First-Year Seminar: Access to Justice Brian Libgober
POLI_SCI 101-6 First-Year Seminar: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud Tim Charlebois
POLI_SCI 101-7 First Year Seminar Stephen Nelson
POLI_SCI 201-0 Introduction to Political Theory Jacqueline Stevens Shmuel Nili
POLI_SCI 210-0 Introduction to Empirical Methods in Political Science Jason Seawright Saera Lee
POLI_SCI 212-0 Evaluating Evidence Mary McGrath
POLI_SCI 220-0 American Government and Politics Matt Pryor Matt Pryor Matt Pryor
POLI_SCI 230-0 Introduction to Law in the Political Arena  Traci Burch
POLI_SCI 240-0 Introduction to International Relations Danielle Gilbert Ian Hurd
POLI_SCI 250-0 Introduction to Comparative Politics Andrew Roberts Zekeria Ahmed Salem
POLI_SCI 306-0 American Political Thought Jacqueline Stevens
POLI_SCI 307-0 Deportation Law and Politics Jacqueline Stevens 
POLI_SCI 308-SA Critical Theory (Study Abroad) Michael Loriaux
POLI_SCI 312-0 Statistical Research Methods J. Seawright
POLI_SCI 320-0 The American Presidency Shai Karp
POLI_SCI 323-0 Public Opinion and Voting Behavior Julie Lee Merseth
POLI_SCI 326-0 Race and Public Policy Traci Burch
POLI_SCI 327-0 African American Politics Reuel Rogers
POLI_SCI 328-0 Public Policy Brian Libgober
POLI_SCI 332-0 Constitutional Law 1 (co-listed as LEGAL ST 332) Nicolette Bruner
POLI_SCI 334-0 Latino Politics Jaime Dominguez
POLI_SCI 335-0 Political Psychology Matt Pryor Matt Pryor
POLI_SCI 336-0 Immigration Politics and Policy (co-listed as AMER_ST 310) Julie Lee Merseth
POLI_SCI 337-0 Gender and Politics (co-listed as SOCIOL 309 and GNDR ST 331) Ann Orloff
POLI_SCI 341-0 International Political Economy Nelson
POLI_SCI 344-0 U.S. Foreign Policy Jennifer Lin
POLI_SCI 345-0 National Security Jeff Rice
POLI_SCI 348-0 Globalization Stephen Nelson
POLI_SCI 352-0 Global Development (co-listed as SOC 317) James Mahoney
POLI_SCI 355-0 Politics of China Iza Ding
POLI_SCI 359-0 Politics of Africa Zekeria Ahmed Salem
POLI_SCI 361-0 Democracy and Autocracy Edward Gibson
POLI_SCI 364-SA France: Politics, Culture, & Society (Study Abroad) Michael Loriaux
POLI_SCI 374-0 Politics of Capitalism Jeff Rice
POLI_SCI 383-0 War and Change in International Politics Saera Lee
POLI_SCI 389-0 Understanding Genocide   Jeff Rice
POLI_SCI 390-0 Special Topics: Muslim Politics Zekeria Ahmed Salem
POLI_SCI 390-0 Special Topics: Intersectionality, Measurement, and Policy (co-listed with SOC_POL 351)  Tabitha Bonilla
POLI_SCI 390-0 Special Topics: Legacies of Civil Wars (co-listed HUM 370) Ana Arjona
POLI_SCI 390-0 Special Topics in Political Science: Labor in America: Power, Politics and Policy Daniel Galvin
POLI_SCI 390-0 Special Topics in Political Science: Applied Policy Analysis (co-listed with EPC 390) Kim Marion Suiseeya
POLI_SCI 390-0 Special Topics: Asian Americans, Latinos, and Black Protest Julie Lee Merserth
POLI_SCI 390-0 Special Topics: Bad News Larry Stuelpnagel
POLI_SCI 390-0 Special Topics: Negotiations and Conflict Resolution Danielle Gilbert
POLI_SCI 390-0 Special Topics in Political Science: Integrity and Politics Shmulik Nili
POLI_SCI 390-0 Special Topics in Political Science: The Press & Presidential Elections Larry Stuelpnagel
POLI_SCI 394-LK Professional Linkage Seminar: Speechwriting Cody Keenan
POLI_SCI 395-0 Political Research Seminar: Politics in the Digital Age Sara Monoson
POLI_SCI 395-0 Political Research Seminar: How to Fix US Politics Andrew Roberts
POLI_SCI 395-0 Political Research Seminar: From Oppenheimer to the Present: Atomic Diplomacy Jeff Rice
POLI_SCI 395-0 Political Research Seminar: Reforming Police in America: Crime, Accountability and Civil Rights Mark Iris
POLI_SCI 395-0 Political Research Seminar: The Politics of Warfare in a Changing International System Will Reno
POLI_SCI 395-0 Political Research Seminar: American Borderlands Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
POLI_SCI 395-0 Political Research Seminar: Nationalism and Ethnicity  Danielle Gilbert
POLI_SCI 395-0 Political Research Seminar: Black Political Thought Alvin B. Tillery, Jr.
POLI_SCI 395-0 Political Research Seminar: Environmental Politics Research Seminar (co-listed with EPC 395) Kimberly Marion Suiseeya
POLI_SCI 398-1 Senior Thesis Seminar Andrew Roberts Andrew Roberts