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Spring 2022 Class Schedule

Please note that course offerings are subject to change until registration begins.

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Spring 2022 class Schedule 

Course Course Title Instructor
POLI_SCI 101-6-20 First-Year Seminar: Critical Approaches to Human and Civil Rights Lucien Ferguson
POLI_SCI 101-6-21 First-Year Seminar: Politics of Debt Stephen Nelson
POLI_SCI 101-6-22 First-Year Seminar: Politics of the Modern Supreme Court Warren Snead
POLI_SCI 201  Introduction to Political Theory Shmulik Nili
POLI_SCI 210  Introduction to Empirical Methods in Political Science Sirus Bouchat
POLI_SCI 220  American Government and Politics Chloe Thurston
POLI_SCI 240  Introduction to International Relations Ian Hurd
POLI_SCI 312  Statistical Research Methods J Seawright
POLI_SCI 327  African American Politics Reuel Rogers
POLI_SCI 335 Political Psychology John Bullock
POLI_SCI 346 European Union in International Affairs Michael Loriaux
POLI_SCI 348  Globalization Stephen Nelson
POLI_SCI 350  Social Movements Wendy Pearlman
POLI_SCI 352  Global Development James Mahoney
POLI_SCI 359  Politics of Africa Zekeria Ahmed Salem
POLI_SCI 361  Democratic Transitions Edward Gibson
POLI_SCI 389 Understanding Genocide Jeff Rice
POLI_SCI 390  Special Topics in Political Science: The Press & Presidential Elections Lawrence Stuelpnagel
POLI_SCI 390  Special Topics in Political Science: Integrity and the Politics of Corruption Shmulik Nili
POLI_SCI 395  Political Research Seminar: Non-State Armed Groups Ana Arjona
POLI_SCI 395  Political Research Seminar: The Radical Politics of Machiavelli Ricardo Court
POLI_SCI 395  Political Research Seminar: Wealth and Power in America Benjamin Page 
POLI_SCI 395  Political Research Seminar: Black Political Thought Alvin Tillery