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Christa Kuntzelman

Program Area(s):  Comparative Politics; International Relations

Dissertation Title:

Refugees' understanding of rights and governance structures: A study of urban refugees in Uganda

Dissertation Committee:  Wendy Pearlman, Rachel Beatty Riedl, Galya Ben-Arieh

Research Interests: Forced Migration, African Politics


  • "Owning the Wood That Becomes the Table: Moving Beyond Asking for A Seat at the Table," IAFSM18 Conference in Accra, Ghana, July 2020 (invitation accepted).
  • “Examining Variation in Tactics and Targets of Refugee Political Behavior in Uganda,” Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Centre, Conference on Democratizing Displacement, March 2019.
  • “Refugees and the ‘state’: How do non-citizens understand and claim rights in exile?” Northwestern University’s AfriSem Conference, May 2018.
  • “Narrative Representation: Examining Agency & Power of Urban Refugees.” Northwestern University’s AfriSem Conference, April 2017.

Honors and Awards: 

  • Oxford University Refugee Studies Centre Visiting Fellow, Trinity Term 2020


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