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Amanda Sahar d'Urso

Program Area(s):  American Politics; Experimental Methods; Methods

Regional Specialization(s):  United States

Dissertation Title:

In the Shadow of Whiteness: Middle Eastern and North African Identity in the United States

Dissertation Committee:  James Druckman (chair), Jason Seawright, Alvin Tillery

Amanda Sahar d’Urso is a PhD candidate in political science at Northwestern University. She studies American politics with an emphasis on race and ethnic politics. Her dissertation employs a mixed-method approach to detail how Middle Easterners and North Africans (MENA) have been racialized throughout the 20th and 21st century, despite being legally classified as ‘white’.


  • Under Review:
    • d’Urso, Amanda Sahar. “A Boundary of White Inclusion: How Religion Shapes Perceptions of Ethnoracial Assignment.”
  •  Peer Reviewed Publications:
    • Buyuker, B., d’Urso, Amanda Sahar, Filindra A, & Kaplan, N. (2020). “Race Politics Research and the American Presidency: Thinking About White Group Identities and Vote Choice in Trump Era and Beyond”. Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics.
    • Buyuker, Beyza, d’Urso, Amanda Sahar, and Filindra, A. (2017) “Interethnic Contact and Impact on Attitudes,” in S. Maisel (ed.) Oxford Bibliographies in Political Science. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press

Honors and Awards: 

  • Carsey Scholar, APSA State Politics & Policy 2019
  • NSF Travel Grant, APSA Political Methodology 2018
  • Best Poster, APSA State Politics & Policy 2017
  • Lynn Ragsdale Fellowship, U. of IL, Chicago 2016

Selected Presentations: 

  • d’Urso, Amanda Sahar. “Who White People think are White”. Midwest Political Science Association Conference. Chicago, IL via Zoom. (April 2021).
  • d'Urso, Amanda Sahar. "Boundaries of White Inclusion: The Role of Religion and Country of Origin on Ethnoracial Assignment". Politics of Race, Immigration, and Ethnicity Consortium Conference. Arizona State University via Zoom. (January 2021)
  • d’Urso, Amanda Sahar. “You MENA I’m Not White? Priming Middle Eastern-American and North African-American Identity”. Winter Experimental Social Science Institute. NYU. Abu Dhabi, UAE. (January 2020).
  • Buyuker, Beyza, Amanda Sahar d’Urso, Noah J. Kaplan, and Alexandra Filindra, “Before Trump: White Support for Republican Presidential Candidates in the 21 Century”. American Political Science Association Conference. Washington, DC. (September 2019).
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