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Jean Clipperton

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Ph.D.: University of Michigan, 2016


Research Interest(s): European Union; Comparative Law

Program Area(s): Methods; Comparative Politics

Regional Specialization(s): Europe

Joint Appointment



Clipperton’s research focuses upon institutional design and change, problem-solving, and pedagogy/teaching and learning. Her recent work has focused upon gender in the discipline of political science. Her research incorporates ideas and approaches from political science, complex systems, and social sciences more generally. Her current projects are focused upon project-based learning designs in the application of problem-based learning.



  • Associated Student Government Faculty and Administrator Honor Roll, 2020
  • R. Barry Farrell Faculty Award for Excellence in Curriculum Development, Department of Political Science, 2020
  • R. Barry Farrell Teaching Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, Department of Political Science, 2020
  • Weinberg College Arts and Sciences Alumni Teaching Award: college-wide award awarded to instructional faculty, 2020
  •  Departmental teaching award for Innovation in undergraduate curriculum development, Department of Political Science, 2018

Courses taught

  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics (PS 403)
  • Introduction to Statistics and Statistical Software (Soc 400)
  • Introduction to Empirical Methods (PS 210)
  • Formal Models in Political Science (MMSS 211-3)
  • Institutions and Society (Soc 288/PS 388)
  • Analytics to Social Good (SOC 365 – cross-listed with IEMS 365)
  • Analysis of Social Data (Soc 303)
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