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Ph.D. Placements


Horia M. Dijmarescu  Visiting Lecturer  University of Pittsburg
Muhammad Fajar Visiting Scholar Northwestern University, Buffett Institute
Laura García-Montoya Postdoctoral Research Associate Princeton University
Salih Emre Gerçek Visiting Assistant Professor University of Connecticut
Yuchen Liu Postdoctoral Researcher Freie Universität Berlin
Matthew D. Nelsen Postdoctoral Scholar University of Chicago
Michael Povilus Professor of Aerospace Studies AF ROTC Chicagoland
M. Lena Trabucco Postdoctoral Researcher University of Copenhagen
Ella (Yixue) Shao Associate Consultant (PhD Analyst) L.E.K. Consulting
Jacob Rothschild Senior Data Scientist Reality Check Insights
Richard Shafranek Data Scientist HIT Strategies


Rodrigo Barrenechea Carpio Assistant Professor Universidad Católica del Uruguay
Mariana Borges Martins Da Silva Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow University of Oxford, Nuffield College 
Isabel Castillo  Postdoctoral Fellow Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
Caroline De Lima E Silva Postdoctoral Fellow  Lichtenberg-Kolleg (Georg-August-Universität)
Joshua M. Freedman Visiting Assistant Professor Oberlin College
Adam Howat Visiting Assistant Professor Oberlin College
Hye Yun Kang Postdoctoral Fellow The Ohio State University
Alan J Kellner Instructor Northwestern University
Alexandra (Sasha) Klyachkina Specialist, Assessment for Learning Chicago Public Schools
Matthew J. Lacombe Assistant Professor Columbia University, Barnard College
Sean Lee Assistant Professor American University in Cairo
Boris Litvin Visiting Assistant Professor Stetson University
Claudia Lopez Hernandez Mayor City of Bogota, Colombia
Christina Lotempio Partner Success Operations Manager Mentor Collective
Sandy (Wangqing) Shan Organizer Justice is Global


Ethan Busby Clemson University Assistant Professor
Marco Bocchese University of Illinois Chicago Visiting Professor
Javier Burdman University of Strasbourg Marie Curie Research Fellowship
Lucy Cane Beloit College Postdoctoral Researcher
Gent Carrabregu Duke University Postdoctoral Researcher
Giuseppe Cumella DePaul University Visiting Assistant Professor
Sidra Hamidi Stetson University Assistant Professor
Buddhika Jayamaha University of Wisconsin Postdoctoral Researcher
Katrin Katz Georgetown University Visiting Lecturer
Jahara Matisek United States Air Force Academy Assistant Professor
Rachel Sweet Notre Dame Assistant Professor



Abdeta Beyene Centre for Dialogue, Research, and Cooperation - Addis Abba Executive Director
Charles Clarke Community Activism Law Alliance - Chicago Staff Attorney
Erin Lockwood University of California at Irvine Assistant Professor
M. Christopher Sardo University of California at Irvine Professor of Instruction
Swati Srivastava Purdue University Assistant Professor
Mara Suttmann-Lea Connecticut College Assistant Professor
Julia Valdes Indiana State University Assistant Professor


D.J. Flynn Dartmouth College Postdoctoral Fellow
Kevin Levay FrameWorks Institute, Washington DC Researcher
Heather Madonia Direct Opinions Research Analyst
Rahul Mediratta Brown University Postdoctoral Fellow
Sally Nuamah Princeton University Postdoctoral Fellow
Mona Oraby Amherst College Assistant Professor of Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought
Silvia Otero Bahamon Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia Assistant Professor
Ari Shaw Gill Foundation Program Officer
Desiree Weber College of Wooster Assistant Professor
Dong Zhang Lingnan University Assistant Professor


Mert Arslanalp Bogazici University Assistant Professor
Gustavo Duncan Cruz Universidad de los Andes Assistant Professor
Jennifer Forestal Loyola University Chicago Assistant Professor
Valerie Freeland Simon Fraser University Postdoctoral Fellow
Mauro Gilli Dartmouth College Postdoctoral Researcher
Aditi Malik Pennsylvania State University Postdoctoral Researcher
Rachel Moskowitz Trinity College Assistant Professor
Kevin Mullinix Appalachian State University Assistant Professor
Andre Munro ScotiaBank Senior Manager, Insights and Analytics (2017)
Maavi Norman IRIS International Consulting, LLC President
David Steinberg Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) Assistant Professor
Daniel Szarke United States Air Force Academy Assistant Professor


Laura De Olden Princeton University Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer in International and Public Affairs
Marissa Brookes University of California, Riverside Assistant Professor
Ross Carroll University of Exeter Permanent Lecturer of Political Theory
Jesse Dillon Savage Trinity College, Dublin Assistant Professor
Elise Dufief Transparency International Project Officer
Diego Finchelstein Business School of Universidad de San Andres Assistant Professor
Khairunnisa Mohamedali Ideas Couture, Toronto Resident Ethnographer
Jackie McAllister Kenyon College Assistant Professor
Menaka Philips Tulane University Professor of Practice
Joshua Robsion Aarhus University Postdoctoral Researcher
Miklos Gosztoni Norwegian Refugee Council Program Director


Emily Alvarez National Opinion Research Center
Sean Burns Northwestern University – Qatar Lecturer in Residence
Julieta Suarez Cao Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile Assistant Professor
Meredith Czaplewski National Opinion Research Center
Mneesha Gellman Emerson College Assistant Professor
Brian Harrison Northwestern University Lecturer
Samara Klar University of Arizona Assistant Professor
Cari Hennessy Harry S. Truman College, Chicago Director of Strategic Initiatives
Romain Malejacq Columbia University Visiting Scholar
Juan Olmeda El Colegio de Mexico Assistant Professor
David Steinberg University of Oregon Assistant Professor
Christopher Swarat Center for International Business at California State University, Fullerton Director
Salvador Vazquez del Maercado Office of the President of Mexico Director of Public Opinion
Martin Walter InterAmerican Development Bank Assistant Professor
Ariel Zellman Bar Ilan University Assistant Professor


Student Name Institution Position
Jennifer Cyr University of Arizona Assistant Professor
Christopher Day College of Charleston Assistant Professor
Laura Ephraim Williams College Assistant Professor
Florencia Guerzovich Transparency Accountability Initiative Program Officer
Andrew Kelly California State University, East Bay Assistant Professor
Erin Kimball Damman Florida International University Assistant Professor
Kendra Koivu Univeristy of New Mexico Assistant Professor
Thomas Leeper The London School of Economics Associate Professor (2017)
Douglas Thompson University of South Carolina Assistant Professor
Toby Bolsen Georgia State University Assistant Professor
Michelle Christensen Library of Congress, Congressional Research Service Analyst in Government Organization and Management
Francesco Ragazzi Leiden University Assistant Professor
Kai Zeng Institutional Clients Group, Citigroup Inc. Associate
Natacha Lemasle Fragile States and Social Development Unit, World Bank Social Development Specialist
David Tully US Department of State, Foreign Affairs Research Analyst
Demetra Kasimis University of Chicago Assistant Professor
Lee Seymour Université de Montréal Associate Professor
Birol Baskan Qatar University Assistant Professor
Daniel Bergen Michigan State University Assistant Professor
Jean-Francois Godbout University of Montreal - Political Science Department Assistant Professor
Dukhong Kim University of Illinois at Chicago Visiting Assistant Professor
Ji Li Rutgers University School of Law Assistant Professor
Lida Maxwell Trinity College Tenure Track Position
Claire Metelits William and Mary Visiting Professor
Ella Myers University of Utah Assistant Professor
Aili Tripp University of Wisconsin - Madison Assistant Professor,Director, Center for Research on Gender and Women
Angela Maione McGill University Associate Professor and William Dawson Scholar, Director, McGill Inst for the Study of Canada
Pierre Martin University of Montreal Assistant Professor
Catherine Paden Simmons College Assistant Professor
Patrick Johnston RAND Corporation Political Scientist
Rebecca Oliver Miami University Assistant Professor
Christopher Skeaff University of Michigan MSF Postdoctoral Fellow
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